10 Best Marriage Counselors in Nashville Tennessee

You’ve spent a lot of time, money, and effort getting your relationship on track. You’ve probably even left your career to start spending more time with your significant other. Now it’s time to start taking the relationship to the next level. Enter marriage counseling. The idea of regular catch-up sessions with your husband or wife might seem like a scary prospect at first, but after talking with other couples who have used marriage counseling services, you might be surprised at how welcoming these opportunities can be. Marriage counseling is often only considered a necessary evil in early stages of a relationship; after all, what couple wouldn’t prefer their love life to progress on its own schedule? But as the saying goes, once you begin, you can’t stop. And for some people who want to get things right from the beginning, that means starting fresh with their partner. Here are 10 marriage counselors in Nashville that could help you get started on the path to happily ever after.

1. Midtown Nashville Counseling LLC

Greetings from the staff of Midtown Nashville Counseling. Each staff member has specific areas of expertise. Visit the website to see full profiles. Midtown Nashville Counseling offers premium services for individuals, couples, families, and teens.

2. Jeannie Ingram

A Licensed Professional Counselor, Relationship Coach, and Faculty / Clinical Instructor for the Imago International Training Institute. In her role as therapist, she specializes in couples therapy as a certified Imago Relationship Therapist and Getting the Love You Want Workshop Presenter.  In workshops and in therapy, she helps couples move beyond destructive, painful arguing to improve communication, restore their connection, live and love in more positive, fulfilling, satisfying relationships.

3. Thriveworks Counseling Nashville

Thriveworks (celebrating nearly 15 years) offers counseling therapy & psychiatry services with a focus on client success. Clients with anxiety experience calm, clients with depression feel happiness, overwhelmed clients gain control and empowerment! Our licensed therapists help with life and mental health issues including marriage / relationship problems, grief, stress, trauma, ADHD, eating disorders, and more. We help children / kids and adults. Experience the highest care standards as we hire only the top 4% of counseling and psychiatry professionals. Sessions are a full 50-60 minutes. Evening & weekend sessions. Insurance accepted! Many premium memberships benefit. Call us (extended hours), or book online! You can thrive. We can help.

4. Red Therapy Group

Full counseling services: individual, family and couples counseling. We offer intensives in addition to weekly/bi-weekly counseling sessions. All counselors have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

5. Dr. Philip Chanin, Clinical Psychologist

Clinical psychologist in private practice offering individual, marital, and group psychotherapy to adults of all ages. Specialized in Buddhist psychotherapy for obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, and marriage counseling


Chris Roberts is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with a designation of Mental Health Service Provider (MHSP). He received his master of arts in counseling/psychology from mars hill graduate school (now called the Seattle school of theology and psychology). Chris Roberts works with couples, marriages, and individuals. He has a particular interest in treating anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, grief, career assessment, and premarital preparation. He has worked in a variety of counseling settings, including private practice, a community-based mental health organization, and a non-profit counseling agency.

7. Nashville Psych

Nashville Psych, founded by Dr. Daniel Goldstein, is a Nashville, Tennessee-based private psychology practice, offering a wide range of psychological and counseling services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. We are centrally located and in close proximity to downtown Nashville, Vanderbilt University, Green Hills, Music Row, Belmont University and Belle Meade. Our services include individual therapy, child therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, family therapy, comprehensive psychological evaluations and career counseling. 

8. Tom Rhodes, MA MFT

Couples counseling, psychotherapy, anger management -Is it becoming more and more difficult for you to feel valued and seen by your partner? -Are you arguing more than ever before, often about ‘the little things’? -More like roommates than intimate partners? As wonderful and nourishing as intimate relationships can be, they also have the capacity to induce the most pain and suffering in us. Why is that?! Well, they’re intimate, which implies vulnerability. I see vulnerability as synonymous with ‘openness’; when we’re open, we let it all in, not just ‘the good stuff’. An important piece in healing conflict between individuals in a couple is communication.

9. Nashville Therapy Group

We’re a team of therapists dedicated to providing high quality, modern mental and relational health care throughout the Nashville community. We’re here to help you change your life. Most likely, you are facing some kind of problem — a relationship problem, a work problem, a family problem — whatever it is, it’s very personal, and it’s causing you a great deal of anxiety and pain. You want to feel better, and you want something in your life to change.

10. Alice Sanderlin Therapy

Dr. Alice Sanderlin is a licensed therapist (LPC/MHSP) and Certified Recovery Specialist who works with individuals, couples, families, and groups and maintains a private practice in Nashville, Tennessee.
Having spent the last twenty years working with individuals and families as a counselor and mediator, I am dedicated to empowering others who want to change their lives.  

What to look for when searching for a marriage counselor in Nashville

When you’re doing your research on marriage counselors in Nashville, you’ll want to look for an individual who can help you process your relationship problems and discuss possible solutions. You don’t have to bare all your burdens to seek this out—in fact, it’s better to ask your spouse first before bringing it up in the therapy room.

Before you meet with a marriage counselor in Nashville, you’ll want to take the time to do some checking. Make sure the person you’re considering hiring has appropriate training and understands how to meet with couples in a confidential way. You may also want to check to see if the person has any experience working with clients who are dealing with similar issues.

  • On the surface, getting a marriage counselor might seem like a no-brainer. After all, how can you possibly go wrong choosing the right person to help you through your relationship issues? But you’d be surprised at how often couples make the wrong choice when it comes to selecting a marriage counselor. When you’re selecting a marriage counselor, you should look for someone who.
  • Can help you process what’s going on in your relationship.
  • Is empathic—able to put yourself in another person’s shoes and see things from their point of view.
  • Is patient—able to wait while you get things under control.
  • Bottom line: When you’re looking for a marriage counselor, be careful—you don’t need to pay for snake oil to treat your relationship issues. There are lots of free online services that provide lots of valuable insight and support. Plus, you can always call a marriage counselor in Nashville when you need help.