Who are we?

Passion Turned Into Help…

We are a group of therapists, journalists, and non-profit owners that are looking to help build stronger relationships and mental health in the Nashville Area.

We have been helping families and writing articles for almost 12 years.

We believe that mental health is a shared responsibility. People are the ones who choose to be mentally healthy, and they can only do that by taking responsibility for their own mental health. Mental health is more than just feeling good; it is also about taking care of yourself, staying connected to your community, and seeking out support when you need it.

We know that there are many different ways to heal and that every person heals at their own pace. That’s why we are here – to help make it easier, so that more people take the time they need to heal and thrive. We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality mental health care, and we will be working hard to make that happen.

Read our articles and reach out to a therapist on our list. We do not provide mental health nor marriage and family therapy through this website. You should find a professional and consult with them before implementing any strategies on our site.