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Marriage Counseling Nashville

Welcome to marriage counseling Nashville! Are you ready to find joy and happiness again in your marriage or your relationship life?

Are you looking for some kind of healing from hurt or are you grieving the loss of something or someone?

You are in the right place. Marriage counseling Nashville has been around the block a time or two helping out clients to heal and discover that they can create a healthy relationship. We offer pre marriage counseling for those that are looking to create a sure and solid foundation before their marriage.

For those of you that are already married and are seeking out assistance for your relationship we have Nashville marriage counseling.

nashville couples counseling

Couples Counseling

nashville marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling

nashville premarital counseling

Premarital Counseling


Marriage Counseling Nashville

nashville couples therapy

There are times that even the strongest of people suffer a mental illness or suffer from the overwhelming stresses of life. This is real and can be the cause of the family unit breaking down. Is this you or your spouse?

It is our goal in couples therapy Nashville to put our focus on our clients and their success in their marriage. We strive to be the best at creating an inviting and loving environment for you to be able to rely on for the comfort of each of your sessions.

We see much more success in couples therapy near me as we have a space that is both comfortable and open without couples therapy expectations. We do the right thing in helping each client individually as each couple and each person specifically are so different. We do not treat them the same as they are not the same so each and every session of relationship therapy will be different.

We love for our clients to be sponges in the information and knowledge that our counselors have to share with them during couples therapy Nashville. We offer the types of couples therapy that will strengthen and secure your relationship for what you are needing right now.

Why Choose Marriage Counseling Nashville?

What is so important about Marriage counseling Nashville? Let us tell you some important things:

  • We provide relationship therapy to everyone
  • We have counselors that not only have high education but also experience in marriage counseling Nashville TN
  • We create and foster a self aware atmosphere
  • Couples counseling near me has seen positive results for years

If you are ready for relationship counseling Nashville then give us a call today and we will get you set up. If you are not ready for relationship counseling then give us a call today and we will answer all of your questions and concerns that are keeping you from coming to see our counselors for relationship counselling.

Our clients have loved coming to marriage therapy Nashville because we create interpersonal relationships that are deep and lasting. There is an incredibly high percentage of couples that end in divorce that regret it or believe they could have done more to save it.

We are that resource for you. In couples counseling we help you to do everything you can possibly do to save and strengthen your relationship. It is our goal for our clients not to live with any shame or regret and we are going to help them go ALL IN for their marriage during marriage counseling Nashville TN.

You want to make this change in Nashville marriage counseling for yourself so that you will be healthy and you will be the best you that you can be, therefore creating the best marriage and relationship that you possibly can.

What To Expect?

We expect our couples to go all in when they come to couples therapy. This is how you are going to change your relationship and get the results that you want. Have you ever done a new workout program and got the results that you wanted? Why or why not did you get those results?

I am sure it is because you either ate the correct way and were committed to each and every workout for the duration of the program, or if you did not get the desired results it was probably because you did not eat as clean as you could have and missed workouts during the program.

The same goes for relationship therapy at couples counseling Nashville. As you participate fully in couples counseling Nashville and work each day to lessen your marriage problems, you will no longer be asking yourself, “Does couples counseling help?” You will know for yourself that it does as you commit to your marriage and yourself to create a better relationship through couples counseling Nashville TN.

Our “trainers” are your “counselors” and they will give you nothing but the best marriage advice, just as your trainer would give you nothing but the best exercises that will strengthen your heart and body.

nashville family counseling

Our Services

We offer two services which are marriage counseling and premarital counseling. They both will get you to know yourself and qualities that you may not have understood or realized about yourself before couples therapy.

You will gain all of the necessary tools to fly through your relationships with ease and comfort as you will now be able to discuss the hard topics of life together with your partner.

Marriage Counseling Near Me

There are so many couples that we see that are uncomfortable or feel like it is not okay to talk together about their sex life, about the ways to protect against an affair, or the boundries of family and friends and the role they play in their life.

It is very important to discuss each of these topics. In marriage therapy we teach you how to talk about these sensitive topics so that your marriage will be open and you will be guarded against some struggles that you may otherwise experience in your marriage.

Pre Marriage Counseling Nashville TN

At Marriage counseling Nashville we explore the many many issues that can affect a marriage and learn how to be proactive in protecting against some of these issues. We know that every relationship struggles, as it should in order to get stronger.

We want our clients to be as prepared as they can when those issues arrive so that they will withstand the test of time.

About Nashville

Nashville is one of the most beautiful places. There are some of the most amazing bridges and buildings with both water and greenery surrounding. Nashville is Tennessee's capital with it being home to 694,000 people.

If you are a country singer, or a bathroom country singer, this is your place as it is home to some of the most incredible country music with many music recording and production centers. There are many Universities and Colleges here which create a very fun and exciting environment with a lot of fun things to do and yummy places to eat.

Real estate is one of the largest driving forces for the economy of the city as many developers are expanding in both residential and commercial projects. This beautiful and fun filled city is only growing and growing.

Cities near Nashville Tennessee include:


  1. Antioch, TN
  2. Brentwood, TN
  3. La Vergne, TN
  4. Hermitage, TN
  5. Madison, TN
  6. Old Hickory, TN
  7. Goodlettsville, TN
  8. Joelton, TN
  9. Whites Creek, TN
  10. And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I regret it if I do not try relationship counseling?

Yes. You will likely live with much regret if you do not try everything in your power to save and to strengthen your relationship. You do not want to live with that regret and are going to want to come to counseling.

What type of therapy do you use?

There are many different types of therapy. Some of which are emotionally focused therapy, behavior modification, insight-oriented therapy, John Gotman therapy, communication coaching, ect. Your counselor will assess you and your partner during your first session and from there will lean toward a path of healing and therapy that will best help you in your relationship and your personal life. We always want to promote the best personal growth as possible as that is how you are going to gain the best marriage counseling possible.

Will I be forced to share my feelings?

No. You will never be forced to share your feelings. You will feel comfortable and our counselors will ask you questions based on how you are responding. You will not have to talk about things that you do not want to and you are more than welcome to tell your counselor that you do not want to share certain things or feelings if you do not want to. The more open and honest you are the greater your success will be in your counseling. You will want to gain the most from each session and this is how you will do it, is by sharing your feelings and thoughts as you are comfortable doing so.

Do you share my information with my spouse?

You have the option to both come together to counseling or for you to come alone to relationship counseling. Our sessions are kept confidential and what we discuss with you will not be shared with anyone without your consent. The same goes for your spouse. If they come separate then their information will not be shared with you or with anyone else. If there is suspected abuse or inclination of self harm or the harm of others then we are required by law to report these. These are the only situations that are kept not confidential.

Client Testimonials

I am so happy that I finally found a therapist that listened to my husband and I. She didn’t pick sides and was able to help us find joy. We learned how to have fun again in our marriage! Thank you Marriage Counseling Spokane!

Susan Holly

I am so thankful for couples counseling Spokane. They were very affordable for the quality of therapy we have been receiving. We have now been going to therapy for 3 years and love the difference we have seen.

Tyson Smith

I love how kind the lady was and even the receptionist was very pleasant! She welcomed us with a warm smile and kind greeting immediately when walking in. It made us feel comfortable and like it was a safe place for us to be vulnerable. I would highly recommend couples counseling Spokane to all of my friends and family!

Kaitlyn Gunderson

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Are you ready to come and see the best therapist around at marriage counseling Spokane? We hope so because we are ready to help you with our amazing couples counseling Spokane.

Counseling services are not a one time shot. It takes multiple times meeting with our therapists to change those brain pathways that are causing the struggles you are currently experiencing.

With these stressful times we understand that the stress on relationships have also increased and need extra attention. We are quick and efficient in meeting your needs. Contact us quickly before the stressful times become increasingly worse.

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Marriage Counseling Nashville

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